Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Si. Mi chiamano Mimi

As much as I adore my children and the wonderful position of Mother, there is something unique and special about being an aunt. I suppose it's a bit like being a grandparent. Nieces and nephews are children you can spoil without guilt. They're the little people who will call you and want to move in with you when Mom and Dad are being "totally mean." They're the ones you can tell all the funny and embarrassing stories about your brother and/or sister. Ex. One time, I had a friend over, and your mom came in and said, "Look! I have on Little Mermaid panties!"

My one and only nephew is only a year old at the moment, but I already have plans to spoil him rotten. After all, I probably won't get to see him that much. My brother-in-law is in the Army and they're getting ready to move off again. They've been away since Christmas, but Carson still remembers his Aunt Amy. Before they left, he was calling me May-mee. Now, that has transformed into Mimi, and I have to admit, I love it. I am Aunt Mimi. No one else calls me that. I think I may have a license plate made with that on it, or maybe a t-shirt. Aunt Mimi.

I am reminded of the episode of Friends when Ben was born, and new aunt Monica promised, "I will always have gum." That kind of sums it up for me. I want to be that kind of aunt. The one Carson can look to for advice, or support, or defense, or just candy. I will always be ready with any of those.