Monday, December 26, 2016

Caveman Facebook

I've been fascinated by cave paintings since I studied Lascaux in high school Art History. There's been a lot of speculation on what purpose the cave paintings served since the site was discovered in 1940. Were they drawn out plans? Storytelling? Graffiti? Art for Art's sake?

Perhaps they were the earliest form of social media.

A Prehistoric Facebook with...

 The earliest example of humble-bragging:
  Og kill 3 deer. Family feast. #blessed

The response from friends:
Ak-Ak and 57 others like this

Duk and Unga have sent you friend requests

Team rivalries: 
Og's team better than Ngu's team #nguteamhateweek

Life events:

Baby Oonga 6lbs 7oz
Vacation pics:
Spring Break 3156 BC

Vague Status Updates:


And even the occasional NSFW:

Maybe social media is not a new idea at all!

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