Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Love Story Continues...

The next fall I began planning my voice recital. It would be a kind of final exam for my private voice classes. I knew I wanted him to be there. I had to sing for him. I had to sing to him. I made a point to give him an invitation, and I hoped that he would show up. The night of my recital I was very nervous. I wasn't as nervous about the performance as I was about him being there. I kept peeking out into the auditorium to see if he was there. Finally, it was time for me to come out. I remember that I walked out and saw him sitting in the back. My heart did a little flip-flop, but I tried to keep my composure.
That night I sang my heart out. I put everything I had into singing. Every song was for him. One in particular was dedicated completely to him. The song was a German piece, and its translation reads something like this:

You my soul, you my heart
You my joy, oh you my pain
You my world in which I live
My Heaven you, in which I float
O you my grave in which into I eternally my grief give
You are the rest, you are the peace
You are from Heaven to me granted
That you love me makes me worthy to myself
Your glance has me transfigured before myself
You raise me lovingly above myself
My good spirit, my better self

When the recital was over, I made my way to where he was. I spoke to only one other person before him. He gave me a hug, and told me that he enjoyed the performance. I was just happy that he had been there. When he turned to leave, I began to walk away as well, but then turned back to look at him. He turned back to look at me too. In that little "moment" I decided that it was time to make a move. I didn't know what I would say or do. I just knew that it was time to do something. I had to let him know how I felt.

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