Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday's Faves

Like Oprah and Maria von Trapp, I have my favorite things. Unfortunately, I don't have a

ba-jillion dollars like Oprah that would allow me to give my favorite things away to everyone I know. Unlike Maria, I can't fit them all into a snappy song that people will mistakenly sing at Christmas time. However, I can blog about them. So on that note, here we go.


BCX Sateen Belted Trench Coat:

The piece pictured above is one of my better wardrobe purchases. I own it in orange. I bought it back at the end of summer in Atlanta, and since then I have worn the heck out of it. It happens to be perfect for Spring because it's light enough for those not-so-cold days, yet it keeps off the rain and chill. Not to mention the fact that it looks AMAZING.


Caress Exotic Oil Infusions Moroccan Body Wash:

I love this body wash! It smells incredible and leaves my skin silky smooth. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart has stopped carrying this particular scent. (Like I need another excuse to hate Wal-Mart.) It is still available, and cheaper, at Fred's.


Jello Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Pudding:

This pudding is perfect for those who, like me, have a serious chocolate addiction but still want to eat smart. Unlike some sugar-free stuff, this doesn't have that funky aftertaste. It just tastes great! One container is only 60 calories. However, it adds up if you can't stop at one, which is a distinct possiblilty. It's that yummy.

*If you happen to be bored over the weekend or just need to fill some time, I have a suggestion. Go to YouTube and type in Misheard Lyrics. Some of the vids that pop up may give you at least a chuckle. Some are incredibly lame, but some are truly awesomely funny.

There they are. This Friday's Faves. Check 'em out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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