Monday, February 23, 2009

I'de Like to Thank the Academy...

I would like to thank the Academy for the wonder that is Hugh Jackman. What's not to love? He sings, he dances, he acts, he's friggin' Wolverine! Not to mention he's Australian, and I have an obession for all things Aussie. I thought the opening number was awesome, especially the cheesy "homemade" props. And speaking of props, cheers to Anne Hathaway for her Nixon. She really doesn't have a terrible voice. Call me, Anne, and we'll set up some voice lessons. I'll learn ya real good.

I normally don't bother to watch award shows other than the Tonys. They just get a bit tedious with all the speeches and montages and extraneous awards (Yay, Jerry Lewis!) I do appreciate the fact that the shows have been whittled down a bit by setting aside all the little awards like Best Camera Lens Changer Person, Best Makeup Brush Holder Lady, and Best Coke Bringer to Diva's Trailer Dude. They all get their own ceremony prior to the real show, I believe. Isn't that special.

Okay, so back to Oscar and Hugh. I don't care what the morons at Yahoo! say, I liked the showtunes medley with Hugh and Beyonce and company. For one thing, I love showtunes and will randomly burst into one at any time without warning. For another thing, I love medleys. What's better than a showtune? A whole medley of showtunes! Throw in Beyonce and Hugh and yeah, even Zac and Vanessa, and I'm a happy girl.

The main reason I watched 29+ hours of awards show (besides seeing Hugh Jackman) was to see whether or not Kate Winslet won Best Actress. She did, and I did my patented Woo-hoo Dance in my living room. I love Kate. I have since 1997 when she was in that movie with the boat and the iceberg. She looked gorgeous, as always, and I was so happy that she won and Angelina didn't.

Other memorables* Tim Gunn on the red carpet. Ben Stiller's Joaquin Phoenix. Miley Cyrus's I-think-I'm-a-Christmas-Tree dress. The Ledger family. A singing, dancing, Hugh Jackman.

Oh, what a night.

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