Friday, October 27, 2006

I drove myself crazy trying to convince myself that I felt nothing for this man. I told myself I was a fool and a juvenile for having a crush on a teacher. However, my arguments were put to rest in April of that year. I had been working really hard that semester. So hard in fact, that I wasn't eating properly. Or much at all. One day I started feeling really bad and I knew I needed to eat something. At that point I knew I was too light-headed to drive, so I tried to call a friend. She didn't answer, so I made my way down the first floor hall of one of the campus buildings. It just happened to be his building. I didn't make it to the end of the hall. The neat thing I knew, I was lying on a bench in the hallway with some strange guy looking down on me. At some point someone called an ambulance, and as I was being prepared to go to the hospital, I saw HIM. He looked very concerned.

At the hospital, I was told that I was hypoglycemic. That's why I fell out. I didn't really care about that though. I just thought about the way he looked when I left. I wondered if maybe he would call to check on me, but decided he probably wouldn't. I was right. He didn't call to check on me. He came to the hospital to check on me.
I had gone out into the hallway to try to call someone to come get me. No one answered at home, and I started to get really worried. Then I heard a familiar voice around the corner. I looked up in time to see HIM come around the corner. At that moment I knew I could no longer ignore what I felt for him. He came for me. He was like a knight charging to my rescue. Except his white steed was a big grey Chevy truck.
I knew I had deep, true feelings for him. Maybe he felt the same. I couldn't be sure. But he had come for me. At that point it was enough.

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