Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Indestuctible Wasp

There was a wasp in my house this morning. I was afraid it would sting my baby, so I decided I must kill it. So I took a section of newspaper and rolled it up to swat the little pest. It flew over to the kitchen window, and I thought, "Ha! I've got you now!" Wrong. I swatted the wasp. It fell down, but then hopped right back up on the window screen. I hit it again. Same thing. This happened over and over. Swat the wasp, jump back. Swat the wasp, jump back. I was definitely doing some damage, because the wasp started buzzing around bumping into stuff. However, I couldn't kill the little sucker. I just kept right on hitting it. Five minutes later, the wasp had one leg and no wings, but he was still going. I decided I had to end it once and for all. I started in with some rapid succession swatting. Wham wham wham wham! At last, the little bugger curled up and gave up the ghost. The battle was over. In the words of my father, (the official bug-killer of the household,) "You die!"

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