Saturday, September 23, 2006

It is the first day of fall and it still feels like mid-summer! It was like 90 something degrees outside today! To further add to the disappointment, my team lost today. They could have won if their kicker was not a total moron. Okay, I know. I couldn't kick that little ball through the uprights, but come on! That's what these guys do! (Breathe!) I'm better now. I'm telling you, I get into my football.
Yesterday I took an online psychic ability test. It told me I definitely had some psychic powers. ( I knew it.) Funny though, I could guess what was behind the cards and yet I never win the football pool...hmmmm. I wish I had known I was going to catch a cold. My head is full of mucous, and I am aching all over. My husband had it first. That's the beauty of marriage; you share everything. Oh well, here's to "in sickness and in health." I'm going to go crash on my couch. Happy Fall Ya'll.

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