Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My husband and I are totally hooked on Project Runway. Actually, he turned me on to it. Weird, huh? FYI, he's totally straight. It's a funny thing to hear the man who drives a big honkin' Chevy truck comment on the fashions. "The design is nice, but the print is just so busy..." He actually has very good taste. Especially in women. (ha ha!)
P.R. is a very entertaining show. There's nothing like a room full of gay guys trying to "beat each other up." The cast this time has been quite interesting. The first to go was scary Malan. My husband does a great impression of him. (with a pseudo-British accent) "Mummy, please don't lock me in the closet again! I won't design anymore! Mummy!!!"
One of my favs this season was Kaine. He reminded me of my good friend Tony. If Tony were a gay pageant dress designer. He got canned last week mainly because he thinks eveyone should dress like Elvis. Laura is another I like. She's a Mom with five, no make that six kids and a mouth like a sailor. My pick to win is Michael. He's friggin' awesome! I would buy everything he designs.
Of course the show has no shortage of *itches and jack asses. Angela would do good to get hired by the Ringling Bros. costume department. Creepy Vincent will probably end up at the funny farm after leaving his job, cashing in his 401k and still getting kicked off...twice.
As for Jeffery, aka Jack Ass, he would be more successful if he stopped designing for the 80's Madonna (think cone-shaped bra) and designed stuff you could actually wear out in public.
This week decides the final three and I just can't wait! Check it out. You'll be hooked!

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