Friday, September 22, 2006

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I attended the University English dept get-together. I prefer to call it the "Nerd Picnic." It is always fun to see nerds outside their natural environment so we packed up our little four-month old nerdling and a Death By Chocolate dessert and headed to the Alumni House. Of course, our baby was the star attraction. He is afterall the cutest baby in the world. I would post pictures, but there are just too many pychos on the Internet.
When I refer to people as nerds, I am not being derogatory. I am myself a nerd, and I enjoy the company of other nerds. Nerds are quite fun to socialize with. We are very witty. However, most non-nerds don't understand our humor. We love puns and wordplay that would make a lot of other people groan. Nerds aren't totally abnormal though. They still put on their suspenders one arm at a time just like everyone else.

*J.J. gives a good mad scientist laugh: Mooha ha ha ha ha!

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