Thursday, September 28, 2006

Project Runway was such a bust last night. I can't believe I skipped the Barbara Walters interview with Terri Irwin to watch it! It was so obvious the judges had planned on booting out Uli. They had to send eveyone through because she won! Laura's dress was very pretty, but very safe. Michael's dress was nice...on paper. It didn't work on that little Jennifer Love Hewitt look-alike. Uli's dress was okay compared to that "German house dress" she originally made. The beading with that print was a nice combination.
When Heidi said that Jeffery's dress belonged on a milk maid I laughed so hard I thought milk was going to come out my nose. And I wasn't even drinking milk. You could tell he and Michael were nervous when they were in the bottom two. They were both sweating like Michael Jackson trying to figure out which Survivor team to be on. I think there will be some sort of surprise challenge that will narrow it down to a final three.
In home news, my baby had a breakthrough today. He has recently started eating rice cereal, and has had some problems with it. For one thing, Mommy just doesn't shovel it in fast enough for his liking. Up to this point he's been on a bottle and can suck down its contents in a matter of seconds.
I've contemplated changing his name to Hoover. Today he had a breakthrough. He realized that if he opens his mouth wide, mommy will shovel in a big spoonful of grub. This he likes.
He also got a new toy. He's been playing on a little mat that has toys hanging over it. He's become very bored with that, so I ordered him this little bouncy thing. It's called an exersaucer. It has little do-dads all over it that squeak and spin. He seems to like it a lot. Maybe he won't get bored with it for a while. I hope at least a week. He and I have been taking daily walks. We walk all over the neighborhood and I show him all kinds of things. Yesterday I introduced him to the joys of mushroom kicking. There was a mushroom on the side of the road that was so big it could have housed at least a dozen Smurfs. I ran up and kicked it, and it exploded with a big POOF! It was so cool. Ahhh, the simple pleasures of life. Mushrooms to kick, spinning toys, and a mouthful of grub. Who could ask for more?

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